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Leadsnow combines advanced and GDPR-compliant web scraping with machine learning to always provide you with fresh up to date data to make sure you don’t waste money and time on selling with wrong insights to the wrong contacts.

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Save your leads into a dynamic list to watch your prospects grow and export the list to where your sales already happen.

- Tomi Haapala,
Sales Director

“It’s really impressive what you can do with Leadsnow in just a few seconds. I don’t think getting insights and building lists has ever been this easy”

- Sonja Häyhä,
Account Executive

“I love the intuitive user interface and the fact that I can easily filter companies based on what technologies they use. Leadsnow will be one that will get used a lot.”

- Joonas Kylliäinen,
CEO, Co-founder

“As a person who has been working in B2B sales for more than 15 years, it’s really important for me have a tool in my hands that I don’t need to think if I can trust

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Announcing Finland Database



Search and filter between several data points to build Finnish company lists that matter you.



Finnish websites at your fingertips to analyse and provide value in scale based on hard facts.

Data you can trust

Get only fresh quality data with Leadsnow’s industry-leading tool that combines advanced web scraping with machine learning.

Unlimited insights

With Leadsnow you get instant access to the most advanced data, more intuitive filtering and most importantly can use the data to match how you already work for a fraction of the cost of other B2B data tools.

Integrate easily

Tired of inadequate data and restricted lists? Gain full access to your best-in-class market data, export the leads you need, and remove the growth barriers once and for all.

Serious privacy

Be comfortable with the data you use. Leadsnow goes all the way when it comes to being GDPR compliant.

Easily choose the right data to find the right insights

Filter between different data points from 200k companies and 150k websites from Finland to build the perfect prospect lists for your business to start connecting with hyper-relevant outreach before the competition.