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Hello, Finnish sales guys and girls!

Join the waitlist for the May 22 beta access for the sales data platform of the future

With Leadsnow you can search, filter, list, and export advanced business and web data in seconds to build better leads in scale and sell more faster.

Be confident with industry-leading data

Leadsnow combines advanced and GDPR-compliant web scraping and machine learning to provide you with fresh up to date data. Make sure you're always equipped with the best insights.

GDPR Aligned

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Get ready for what you've been missing

Gain access to search, filter, list and export data from over 200k Finnish companies and 150k Finnish business websites to build the perfect leads and insights for you.

The all-new B2B sales data platform launches in Finland in May 22

Stop using expensive and slow-to-adapt prospecting and sales tools. With Leadsnow you can build your dream prospect lists and get the insights you need to sell more in seconds.

What is Leadsnow?

Leadsnow is the new B2B sales data platform from Finland.

We combine successful sales knowledge with modern software development so we can all stop wasting time and money on irrelevant prospecting.


With Leadsnow you can count on having the most accurate and GDPR aligned data thanks to our industry leading web scraping and machine learning tool.