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What is Leadsnow?

Is it the hottest new B2B Sales Intelligence Tool from Finland?

Leadsnow is here to help B2B sales teams and reps sell more faster by providing the insights needed. Sounds good? We like it too, so keep reading.

Leadsnow, in its essence, is a business data platform where salespeople can search, filter, save, and export company data like headcount growth, financial history, and technologies used - to communicate with the best suitable prospects, at the right time, before the competition.

A fancy word for a platform like Leadsnow would be a sales intelligence tool. You might’ve heard of those or even used one before.

So what makes Leadsnow different and, most importantly, better for you?

Finland Beta launch in May 2022

In Spring 2022, Leadsnow launched its beta version for Finland. This means that in the Spring 2022 Leadsnow database, all of the company data in Leadsnow is only from Finnish companies and websites.

So if you’re looking to sell in the Finnish market, you’re in for a treat. The first thing that sets Leadsnow apart today is that there’s no other company data software with the rigorous and extensive focus on building the absolute best Finnish database combining public company, website, and technological data.

Instant access to the insights you need

Let’s get real, shall we? You shouldn’t need to sign up for another B2B product demo or schedule a 15-minute video meeting with an unqualified inside rep only to be granted access to test a tool you’re mildly interested in.

And when the gatekeepers have granted you access, you shouldn’t jump through hoops and constantly flash out your company credit card to get anything remotely valuable done.

So with sales intelligence platforms, why do we too often need to wait to get access and pay extra to use the few features that make sense?

With Leadsnow, you don’t have to. With Leadsnow, you can sign up for free, upgrade within seconds, create unlimited searches and unlimited lists and even export up to thousand leads per month. With Leadsnow, you get instant access to the insights you need to sell more faster.

Data is our heart

At Leadsnow, we come from an assumption that a modern, responsive, fast, and extremely user-friendly UX is nothing more than a minimum threshold for any SaaS.

But with our data Leadsnow takes the real stand.

Leadsnow collects its impressive combined dataset from various sources through the latest web scraping methods and advanced machine learning.

Then we don’t hold back on enabling the powers of heavy lifting cloud computing so you can search, filter, list, and export the insights you need for your business to communicate with the most potential customers at the right time and always before the competition.

We’re extremely proud of our dataset, and our servers work hard every day to keep our data up to date so you can count on it and use it without thinking twice. Data truly is the heart of Leadsnow.

And so is respecting its privacy

Since data is Leadsnow’s heart, we want to do everything to ensure that it’s always in its best possible shape. This means ensuring how we collect and control our data always has a firm legal basis to once again ensure you don’t have to worry about where the data you use comes from and what’s the lawful premise of it.

Since now Leadsnow comes with Finnish, thus European data, including personal contact information, we at Leadsnow take our GDPR compliance very seriously and have already started to take steps to get ISO 27001 certified to prove to you we leave nothing for chance when it comes to information assets security.

And if at any point you don’t feel like your data is in the best hands with us, you can always easily get it removed and the removal verified. Our transparency in our data management stretches to our customer service, so our door, or more like chat, email, and the phone, is always open for you to leave your comment, question, or challenge.

Made in Finland

Transparency, trust, and sustainable innovation are at the core of our Finnish values at Leadsnow.

Our two Finnish co-founders, Ville Aho, the CTO, and Joonas Kylliäinen, the CEO, come from long and respected entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Family and positive impact-oriented young men at heart, they wanted to create an agile and high-quality data solution for the market that can help B2B sales teams and reps to get more accurate and relevant insights easily, as well as for B2B buyers to receive more relevant communication.

Join Leadsnow

Today we’re excited to take our first steps in the market with our Finland beta dataset.

Our feet are on the ground to make the Finland dataset even better every day, but our eyes are already on the future. We’re looking to expand our datasets to other markets and countries very soon.

So join us at Leadsnow. Let’s build more innovative ways for B2B businesses to get the insights they need to provide more value, and with that, at the same time, let’s help B2B buyers to get more relevant communication.

To stay up to date with our journey, follow us on our social media channels. Or, if you’re interested in working with us, drop us an email at

And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the platform. As said, it’s free and only literally takes like three seconds.

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