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Leadsnow is a B2B sales data platform. With Leadsnow, salespeople can search, filter, list, and export up-to-date company and website data. Leadsnow was launched with a Finnish database in May 2022 and is on a mission to rapidly expand to new countries providing both locally and internationally operating sales reps with fresh insights they need to build meaningful connections - with every connection.

What is Leadsnow?

With Leadsnow, salespeople can find prospects perfect for their products and services. In the Leadsnow database, salespeople can combine different company data points, such as headcount growth, and financial results, with web data, such as what technologies companies use and how their websites perform.​ With these 20 different data points, salespeople can build unlimited prospect lists to match their different selling points. These lists can be dynamic or static.

Dynamic lists change as the database keeps updating. So companies come to and go from the database automatically. Static lists are manual, so you decide what companies and websites are on those lists.You can then export your lists directly to Google Sheets and use them with your CRM and other sales tools easily in seconds.

What can I do with Leadsnow?

Leadsnow is all about empowering every salesperson to take action and control their sales now. You can start using Leadsnow for free without a credit card. To upgrade and start using all of Leadsnow’s premium features, you don’t need to schedule demos or get long and expensive contracts approved.

With Leadsnow, you get a full premium version for less than a hundred euros a month and can cancel your license easily anytime.

How is Leadsnow different?

Leadsnow is both. Leadsnow is a company database platform built especially for B2B sales reps. We're constantly adding new sales and database features with our mission to make every B2B connection meaningful. So stay in the loop by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter and be the 1st to know when new sales database-specific features are launched.

Is Leadsnow a company database or a sales tool?

Leadsnow uses advanced web scraping and machine learning techniques to build a trustworthy database of GDPR-aligned business and web information.

Our data is from lawful public sources and is managed due to the latest data protection and privacy policies. You can read more about our data protection from our Database Statement.

Where does Leadsnow get its data?

You can get Leadsnow per user for €99 a month or €79 when purchased annually.

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